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leading HVAC institute in india

2 June

Price $50 000.00
• Role of HVAC Engineer and Draughtman in various industries
• Covers moist air properties and conditioning process, DBT, WBT, RH, Humidity ratio, Dew point, Heat : Sensible, latent heat.
Fundamental of HVAC design Ventilation criteria
• Car parking ventilation – By advance method ( Impulse and Induction)
• Kitchen hood – Single skill hood, double skill hood
• Toilet exhaust- Commercial and residential, disc valve selection
Air Conditioning System
• Vapour Compression refrigeration cycle, Window A/C, Split A/C, Package A/C, Ductable Split A/C, hide away, Floor Mount, Cassette type, Ceiling type, Vulcan lockring.
Duct Design and layouts
• Shapes of duct.
• materials of duct.
• classification of duct : low, medium, high pressure.
• Designing : equal friction method, velocity reduction method, static regain method.
• Duct Designing Software : Ductu & matware.
• Recommended G.I (Guage).
• Aspect ratio.
• Air Terminal selection using BETA performance data program.
Heating and cooling load calculation
• Heat load calculations (Manually by E20 and general) and by software programs like: Carrier – HAP ( Hourly Analysis Program), Elite, General.
• Heat loss calculation.
Chilled water system
• Chiller selection.
• Chilled water pipe sizing: Graph, MACQUAY pipe sizing software.
• Hydraulic calculation for chilled water pump selection.
• Primary, Secondary Pump Selection, Pump in series and parallel.
• Common Header Pipe Sizing.
• Expansion Tank Selection – Software.
• Cooling Tower Selection- Evaporative Loss Calculation.
• Equipments Selection [at]“ Package Ac, Chiller, AHU, FCU etc [at]“ Zamil Software.
• Cooling Without Air Conditioning system Designing, Passive Cooling system designing.
• Energy Conservation Measures: Under floor Cooling, Radiant cooling, Geothermal Cooling,
• Thermal cooling or Ice on Pipe system, HRW – Heat Recovery wheel, EAT – Earth Air Tunnel system.
• Cold Store Designing.
• District Cooling System.
• De-Humidifier Selection.Open loop and Closed loop system.
• E.S.P [External Static Pressure] Calculation for Blower Selection
• Fan & Pump Laws.
HVAC Shop Drawing:
• Window A/C.
• Split A/C
• Toilet Exhuast
• Car Parking
• Kitchen Hood
• Ductable Split A/C

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